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Oliver Heldens Releases New Mixtape and Track “Ibiza 77”

It seems that Oliver Heldens is always working, and this week isn’t any different. Oliver Heldens puts out a weekly show, Heldeep Radio and he also produces under HI-LO. To add to his musical achievements, he came out with a Mixtape, IBIZA 77 and produced a new song, IBIZA 77 (Can You Feel It). 

The mixtape and track both have the same kind of feeling, and you can’t help but move. If anything, this song gets you shuffling, which is what he is known for doing on stage. We had the opportunity to see him when he came to Portland, and his attitude and moves made everyone want to move. This song is no different. The quick beats wake you up while the all around feel gets you dancing. The track has an older sound to it, bringing you back to some classic sounds.

“Why the number ’77’ in the name? Well in my eyes the year 77 was the period nowadays ‘electronic’ dance music was born and from there it immediately conquered dance floors all over the world. Think of Donna Summer ‘I Feel Love’, think of CHIC, ABBA, Kraftwerk… All this music is timeless and new generations (like me, born in ’95 :p) will always keep rediscover this music, people will always want to dance.”

Make sure to check out the track and Mixtape. The track is available June 12, and keep an eye out for the next Mixtape. At 18:00 is his new track!