Odesza Release Deluxe Edition of ‘A Moment Apart’

It’s time to start celebrating the Holiday season with a surprise from Odesza!!. On November 30, Odesza announced a special edition of A Moment Apart available on Spotify and iTunes. Harrison and Clayton of Odesza decided to release 8 new versions of previously released songs. Two VIP live edits, three studio-recorded live versions, and three instrumentals.

Out of the many VIP edits Odesza possesses, they chose to release their Memories That You Call and It’s Only VIP remixes. The Memories That You Call Remix is one of the most exciting parts of Odesza’s Live shows. While the It’s Only VIP remix shows us Odesza at max power with their drumline.

Three live songs have been dubbed reprise and are included on the album. These are live versions of songs that feature prestige quality without any background interference. The focus is on the vocalists. Three lyrical driven tracks have been selected Higher Ground, Line Of Sight, and Falls. Odesza also released the previous three songs in their instrumental forms without lyrics. Last but not least don’t forget the monster Loyal that was released last September.

The video that accompanies the Deluxe Edition of A Moment Apart is truly breathtaking. Featuring the acoustic version of A Moment Apart.

You will not find this song on their new album. Instead, it is available for free download on Odeszas Twitter.

This is a special treat for all Odesza fans. The deluxe version of A Moment Apart will keep us smiling throughout the dark winter months. We are the Sun Models in our hearts.

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