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Northwest-Favorite Sixfour Releases Two-Track EP

Releasing his second EP, and first in some time, Northwest-favorite Sixfour showcases his increasingly polished sound with a pair of made-for-dancefloor drum & bass tunes. The Tri-Cities-native, and current resident of Pullman while he attends Washington State University, has done an immaculate job of balancing work with school. Since jumping on our radar around 18 months ago, the man also known as Derek Lombardo has continued to refine his style, take on varying genres, and is willing to do the work that it takes to become a commercially successful artist. Now, with the Blind Heart/Crush EP, Sixfour takes the next step to becoming just that.

The EP is just the most recent milestone in a journey featuring several contest wins, performances alongside several of dance music’s premier acts, and even some one-on-one time with those same acts. Whether it’s touring with Felix Cartal, getting advice from Delta Heavy, or opening for Adventure Club at his alma mater, it’s safe to say that Sixfour is impressing all of the right people. With the Blind Heart/Crush EP, that trend should continue.

Talking to [Simon James] was so motivating, he really kind of gave me the push I had been searching for to get back to drum and bass full speed. The RAM guys were all so nice and loved the vibe of the night, they were having a blast and it showed. – Sixfour

The Blind Heart/Crush EP is the latest in a long line of tunes from Sixfour, who consistently released originals and remixes throughout 2014. His soundcloud features a wide-variety of re-worked hits and original experiments ranging from ‘spooky’ melbourne house to liquid drum & bass. But, his most recent EP stands out as arguably his best work. Drawing from his drum & bass roots, Sixfour doesn’t try to do too much with either Blind Heart or Crush, leaving us wanting more.

If you’d like to catch Sixfour live, he’ll be performing a couple shows in Eastern Washington throughout the next couple weeks as the spring semester as Wazzu winds down. He’ll be performing at Pullman’s Stubblefields alongside Riggi & Piros and BL3R on April 25th, and is opening for Antiserum in Spokane at Swaxx on May 9th. Let us know what you think of Sixfour’s latest work and if you’ll be catching him at one of his various Northwest stops this spring! Comment below, on Facebook, or reply on Twitter!