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Our 9 Tips For Staying Warm at SnowGlobe Music Festival

snowglobe music festival

The winter season is here and for most of us ravers, that means a break from the multi-day festivals that rule the summertime. But if you just can’t get enough and the chill of December doesn’t deter you, there’s one infamous festival that owns the season: SnowGlobe.

Located in South Lake Tahoe, California, Snowglobe is surely a winter wonderland. As exciting as it can seem to rave about with snow bunnies and arctic foxes, it’s important to plan accordingly for a three-day jaunt in freezing temps. Thus, we’ve compiled a list of tips to keep you warm, happy, and safe this SnowGlobe.

1. Bring all the layers. Seriously.

We all know dancing for hours on end warms you up, especially when you’re surrounded by thousands of your closest friends. That doesn’t mean you should forget you’re in freezing weather, though. If you feel hot, take off your hat or your coat, but don’t ditch your snow boots, thermal or hoodie without a thought. You’ll likely be alternating from all your layers to just a few, but trust us, you’ll be glad you have plenty to cycle through.

2. Don’t assume sweating means you should take off all those layers.

Sweating is your body’s natural response to heat in an attempt to cool you down. It maximizes those cool breezes and random dips in temperature. So if you are sweating, you probably shouldn’t strip down to your tank top since your body is already working to cool you down naturally.

3. Basically, be aware of your body’s temperature.

You’re probably going to feel cold, hot, then cold again, then hot again with a festival in the snow. Stay aware of how you’re feeling and how your body is responding to being hot in freezing weather, and respond accordingly. Not only will you feel better overall, you’re also less likely to get sick afterwards if you keep your body temperature from fluctuating too much.

4. Take full advantage of provided amenities.

SnowGlobe usually has a couple of enclosed stages and the bars are also enclosed with heaters and places to sit. Don’t neglect the opportunity to warm up those digits and take a break from standing out in the cold. You might be sweating overall, but have you wiggled your toes recently? Don’t brush off the fact that you can’t feel your fingers just because you don’t want to miss the next drop.

5. Boots are clunky. They also protect you from frostbite.

Honestly if you wear anything other than waterproof boots and thick socks you’re going to get exactly what you’re asking for: the potential for frostbite. Just don’t do it. Seriously. Wear the dang boots.

6. Hand and feet warmers are one of the greatest inventions.

Buy a huge pack of these for your whole crew and be the hero of the festival! Gloves are important and so are thick socks, but to have something that actually gives off heat is fantastic. Crack them open before you leave your lodging and you’ll be set by the time you get inside.

7. Invest in a double-walled thermos or water bottle.

Warming up from the inside out is arguably more important than piling layers on, so don’t sleep on something like a Hydroflask. It’ll keep your tea or regular hot water warm for hours – perfect for a little pick me up.

8. Stock your lodging with warm and cozy treats and food.

There’s nothing like coming in from the snow to a steaming cup of hot cocoa or warm soup. Make sure you have these easy to make treats, or one of your other favorite cold-weather foods, ready for when you’re done raving each day.

9. Hug your friends.

You’re going to do it anyway, but at SnowGlobe you get a bonus out of hugging your homies: extra warmth. Just another reason snuggles are amazing.

Find out more about SnowGlobe by checking out their website.

Are you heading to Snowglobe this year? Let us know what you’re most excited for in the comments! 

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