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Nicolas Jaar to Play All Ages Show April 12 at The Neptune Theater

There is a specific type of music that pairs perfectly with spring, and no music fits the changing seasons better than Chilean producer Nicolas Jaar. Upper Left has done it again bringing this minimal house superstar for a show at Neptune Theater on April 12.

In his newest album Sirens, released this past September, Jaar pays tribute to his home land of Chile. Growing up in a time when Augusto Pinochet’s 16 year rein as president of Chile brought about torture and death for so many, it is hard for the producer not to include this portion of his life in the album.

“I can’t deny that I make music as a form of understanding myself, so a huge part of it doesn’t come from a political place,” Jaar said in an interview with Fader. “But of course, I feel like I can’t exist in 2016 without being political.”

The words “Ya dijimos no pero el si esta en todo” (translated to “we already said no but the yes is in everything”) stand out in the most outright politically defiant track on the album, No. Those haunting words continue to ring true in our current political climate.

It is hard to look at all the pain in our world and know there is only so much that we can to do to help. During a time of divisiveness, one of the most important things we must cling to is our community.

Whether is it your city or your church, your school or your co-workers, anyone can find a group of like minded people for support. Thankfully, Upper Left creates community for us music lovers, a safe space where we can temporary forget our woes and get lost in the music. This Wednesday, the music and the people will be beautiful inside and out. Grab your $30 ticket here.

What is your favorite Nicholas Jaar song? Do you enjoy his newest album? What other Upper Left events are you looking forward to? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!