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Want Beer to Taste Better? Just Add Music!

It’s not like there was any doubt, but new research shows that music actually makes beer taste better! This is the biggest piece of news since finding proof that dancing is good for you. (Not that that was much of a shock either.)

It may have been a coincidence that most of the best shows take place with access to a nice brew, and that some of the best brew spots have live bands playing. Coincidence or not, it’s a symbiotic relationship that we’re happy to acknowledge and support.

The findings were published in Frontiers in Psychology, and run by Felipe Carvalho from Vrije Universiteit Brussel. The 231 subjects were ordered to sample beer three times, each with a slightly different situation. The first was an unlabeled beer, the second was a labeled beer, and the third was a labeled beer with one minute of a rock song playing in the background. The song was a choice which “matched” the beer and the label, which may be an important factor. Those who knew the band and song already reported liking the beer more after tasting it with the song sample than before the song.

“Each participant’s attention was also drawn towards the beer and music as a multi sensory experience.”

We love a little music, we love a little beer, and we certainly love the two together. Next up for DMNW research, what sub-genre would make a Mac & Jack’s taste best? Do you think it’s more of a house-head or a basshead?

h/t: askmen.com