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Mune: The Future of Live MIDI Controllers

We’ve all heard the scoffs of other generations and genre fandoms who look down on electronic music because “Oh, producers and DJs aren’t musicians.” These people need to meet the Mune. It’s an electronic interface with a strap so the user can wear it, like a guitar. By making it wireless and changing the orientation, it allows audiences to actually see the manipulations and changes you’re making as you make them.

Mune was started when Scott Stevenson met Andrew Staniland, a Canadian composer and music professor. A self-proclaimed “electroacoustic” musician, Andrew had been toying around with mixing classical music with digital sounds and effects. Something about traditional MIDI controllers was leaving him and his audiences less than satisfied.

Now four years and a few prototypes later, we have Mune. With an ergonomic light-up display, wireless technology, and compatibility with any MIDI-capable software, Mune may really have a shot in this world. It combines the power of a traditional MIDI controller with the expressiveness of a traditional instrument. It allows you to play melodies, shape sound, program loops, control effects and mix tracks, all without being stuck standing at your laptop.

Mune Midi Controller

Perhaps a new level of intimacy and connection between DJ and crowd is the future of electronic performance. If you’re a producer/DJ (or just an enthusiastic member of the crowd) and like the sound of this, check out and donate to Mune’s Kickstarter campaign. It starts on August 1, and those funds will be used to expand production capacity in preparation for their international release.

For more information, swing by Mune’s official website & stay tuned for their Kickstarter campaign!

Do you miss the soul of live instruments? Or are you totally cool with not seeing what the DJ’s doing? We’re right on the fence, but we think this is a cool idea! We’ll be curious to see who ends up utilizing such a tool.