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Moon Boots Announces Tour and New Single “I Want Your Attention”

Moon Boots has recently announcement his first album, and we are ready. First Landing will be available August 4, but can be preordered now. Along with his first album, he also announced a tour, with a couple Northwest stops. We saw Moon Boots at Shadows for Halloween, and his attitude and music was contagious. Moon Boots will be playing in Portland this August and at Above & Beyond Group Therapy at the Gorge.

To hold us over until his album comes out, be sure to check out his new single, I Want Your Attention. Moon Boots has a certain sound that you can’t hear from anyone else, and his new single is not any different. He has a way of mixing new and old, for an upbeat sound that can be played in a festival or club setting. Which makes it perfect for both his stops this summer. But no matter the setting, his music will make you feel good and get you moving.

Moon Boots will be playing at the Jade Club in Portland on August 24. Tickets are on sale and can be purchased here. He also will be playing on Sunday for ABGT. If you have never seen Moon Boots, or have a number of times, make sure you take this opportunity to see him in many settings this summer and support his first album.