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Moog Announces DFAM Analog Drum Synth Will Be Publicly Available

Moog Music announced an amazingly unique synth this year for their annual Moogfest. It’s was called DFAM (“Drummer From Another Mother”) and was available only to those who participated in the Moogfest Engineering Workshop.To our surprise, Moog has now announced the DFAM will go on sale to the public!

moog dfam side shot

Photo credit: FACT Magazine

The previous year at Moogfest, a lucky bunch had the privilege to build a BFAM (“Brother From Another Mother”). It hadn’t been released as a product since then and Moog had stated that it was only going to be available at the workshop. We assumed the DFAM/BFAM were not going to be available in stores anytime soon.

It’s safe to say more modular-hybrid analog synthesizers are on their way up in the world. These synthesizers are quite reminiscent of the popular Moog Mother 32 (the featured image is a picture of the version participants made in the Moogfest workshop).

On Jan 11, 2018, Moog Music uploaded this teaser video on their YouTube.

Modular and analog synthesizer popularity is growing at an incredibly fast rate right now, we would not be surprised to see a retail version of the BFAM or a perhaps a rack or euro-oriented ‘Moogerfooger’ in a few years. We’re definitely going to pick one of these up, expect a report back!

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