Posts for Points: Minnesota Launches Ambassador Rewards Program

Minnesota’s talent management has launched a new ambassador rewards program for it’s fans (A.K.A Voyagers). Through the app Social Ladder, Voyagers can take on social media challenges to promote the DJ’s brand and earn points. The only stipulation is that you must be a part of the Minnesota Voyagers facebook group.

The points can be redeemed through the app for a variety of rewards like Minnesota tickets, exclusive merchandise, and upcoming festival tickets. The app keeps score of your points and cashes them in for rewards.

The app full integrates with social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Linking your social media accounts allows the app to track your challenges through your preferred method of social media.

The app also notifies users when new challenges arise. Some range from liking and sharing a post, changing your Facebook cover photo to the album art of Curio, recruiting more Voyagers, and even selling tickets.

The online marketing strategy is not unheard of. NYC based EDM website Electric Vibes also runs an ambassador rewards program for people to earn merchandise, festival tickets, and other rewards by selling festival tickets. Many festivals are offering ways for participants to become involved, plus opportunities to win prizes or tickets.

While Minnesota’s program offers rewards for posting content, Electric Vibes offers are only for selling tickets to festivals like Okeechobee, Bonnaroo, Camp Bisco, and Dreamstate.

What do you think? Is this an effective marketing tactic? Would you promote on social media for tickets and merchandise? Let us know in the comments!