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On The Road: Mija Closes Residency at Audio SF with a Bang (Review)

Mija closed out her year of residency at Audio Nightclub in San Francisco this past Saturday. The show shook the dance floor thanks to Audio’s incredible sound system and of course, Mija’s wicked beats. She held nothing back throughout her set, showcasing her signature take on drum & bass, and house most of all.

Entering Audio, we immediately noticed the backdrop of what looks like a neon portal to another dimension behind the decks. Glowing red, it set the tone for a late night filled with deep, dark bangers. People of all kinds flooded the dance floor, speaking to Mija’s far-reaching influence and versatility.

Opening up the night were DJ cousins The Invisible Child and MNTRA. Both laid the perfect groundwork for Mija’s set with plenty of bass and drops that got the crowd moving. While chatting with The Invisible Child, real name Vasu Patel, he said the whole b2b opening set was curated live.

“We honestly had nothing planned,” Patel says. “We just both loaded up our flash drives with tons of music we like and thought would work… We played to the vibes we got off the crowd.”

Once Mija took the stage, she blew us away with infectious beats and kept us on our toes with killer transitions. Her two hour solo set was full of tracks to make you sweat, and sweat we all did.

One of the best surprises of the night was Hotel Garuda coming through after their show at Regency Ballroom. They threw down b2b(2b2b) with MNTRA, The Invisible Child and Mija around 2 a.m. The final set was a one of a kind treat for the night owls and “close out the club” fans.

What’s great about Mija and seeing her live, especially, is not knowing exactly what you’re in for. She thrives off her “fk a genre” mentality and the refusal to subscribe to one specific style of electronic music. That said, it appears clear that her favorite niche as of late seems to be in the drum & bass wheelhouse. She continues to pull in influences from other subgenres, giving each show a distinct element of surprise.

Were you at the Mija show? Have you seen her out on the road this year? Let us know your favorite moments in the comments!