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Metsä Announces Debut EP ‘The Flowers In Our Hearts’

Bellingham local Metsä is back once again with some exciting news. After opening for Louis Futon and others at The Crocodile in the spring, the artist announced a release date for his first EP The Flowers In Our Hearts. We were lucky enough to get a sneak peek to fill you all in on what might be the best album release out of Bellingham this summer.

The six-track EP is a collection of the producer’s best and most ambitious work, utilizing obscure samples and inventive melodies that set him apart from the rest of the pack. The chord progressions are lush and atmospheric, nearly reminiscent of Odesza and other PNW locals that are blazing the path for modern day EDM. Metsä plays into these tropes faithfully, but is careful to shirk the played-out and boring in light of creating something more original. The hard work certainly pays off multiple times throughout this EP.

The best moments of the record appear when the energy is at its highest. The young artist has a knack for chopping vocals and arranging them in ways that produce irresistible melodies. As a result, the album is a breeding ground for hooks that are impossible to let go of once you’ve got a taste of them. For one of the best examples of this, check out his single Bristle right here:

The Flowers In Our Hearts will be available for streaming and download on August 21st. You can follow the artist on Facebook to receive periodical updates on the album and hear about upcoming live performances.

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