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Fyre Festival’s Billy McFarland Admits to Fraud

Fyre Festival: The Festival That Never Happened

Billy McFarland’s Fyre Festival was the hot topic of last summer.

Taking place in the beautiful Bahama Islands, everyone’s expectations were high. However, upon arrival, it was clear that this festival was nothing but a huge fraud.

Attendees were promised gourmet food and luxurious suites, but were welcomed by damp tents and cheese sandwiches in styrofoam containers. Far from the upscale event they paid for.

Many celebrities, like Kendall Jenner, were roped into the charade as influential promoters on Instagram. While Billy may have just been another entrepreneur looking for investors, his business partner Ja Rule is well known in the music industry. The festival was inevitably canceled and guests were left completely stranded for quite some time.

Investigation & Plea

Shortly after the festival was shut down, federal investigators began an investigation. Last week McFarland pled guilty to wire fraud charges surrounding the event. Though he is currently out on bail, his sentencing isn’t set until June 21.

“Charging documents filed by prosecutors said that Mr. McFarland, 26, had provided investors with false financial reports, including one that listed millions of dollars in talent-booking revenue for Fyre Media” —NY Times

McFarland has had a history of failed entrepreneurship. His best asset is selling himself and his brand, which was clearly not enough to fund a festival.

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