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Markus Schulz is Making His Way Back to the Pacific Northwest

The man behind tracks such as First Time, You Won’t See Me Cry and most recently, Running Up That Hill is making his way to Portland this month. Markus Schulz was recently in the Northwest for Bliss, and we can only hope he will give Pacific Northwest fans another great show, in a more intimate venue.

Markus Schulz has been in the business for many years, and has his hands in many parts of the industry. Not only is he producing, and touring, but he does a weekly broadcast, Global DJ Broadcast and founded and owns a record label, Coldharbour Recordings. Trance is not a genre that comes around often in Portland; to be able to have Markus Schulz in town is a real pleasure.

Markus Schulz will be at 45 East in Portland on Saturday, June 17. Opening the show will be local Jamie Meushaw setting the tone for a great night. Tickets are on sale now and can be purchase here. To hold you over until he hits Portland, check out our interview with him and his most recent track.