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Mark Farina Celebrates 25 Years Of Mushroom Jazz In The PNW

Certain people are synonymous with certain things. In fact, that’s pretty much the definition of synonymous. But some people have achieved such notoriety due to what they’re known for, it almost overshadows them as an individual. Take Michael Jordan with basketball, Neil Armstrong with the moon, Cookie Monster with… cookies, and Mark Farina with Mushroom Jazz.

mushroom jazz mark farina

Since when could mushrooms play instruments? Always. The answer is always.

The DJ who brought us the classic track Dream Machine, and as of July 22nd, 8 editions of Mushroom Jazz, is making his way to the PNW over the next two months to celebrate the release of Mushroom Jazz 8, along side 25 years of the series itself. Spanning a career that has lasted nearly 30 years, Mark Farina has become one of the most sought after bookings over the past few decades, and proves time and time again why he’s been voted as one of the top DJs in the world. It’s like the saying goes: the best way to get 30 years experience is by working 30 years. And in DJ years – that’s like living to be 108.

This guy is really 27 years old.

DJ Jerry-@-Rick is actually 27 years old.

With stops in Victoria, Vancouver, and Seattle, there’s plenty of opportunity for anyone reading this article to bear witness to one of the most technically sound DJs as he graces the west coast and makes a stop in our neck of the woods. Whether you’ve seen Mark Farina before or you’re witnessing his genius for the very first time, there’s always something new that he brings to the table. His unrivaled brand of jazz infused downtempo house still packs a punch with plenty of well known samples, particularly from the world of hip-hop.

Tickets are available for the Vancouver and Victoria shows by clicking the provided links below. Seattle has a page, but the tickets for the November 26th show aren’t available just yet. Regardless, at 47 years old, Mark Farina is still lighting up dance floors and celebrating his silver anniversary with his signature sound, and it’s our turn to get a sip of the funky tea that’s been brewing.

Vancouver (Presented by: Nordic Trax) – October 14th @ The Imperial

Victoria (Presented by: Innergroove & Reliable Entertainment) – October 15th @ Sugar

Seattle – November 26th @ Monkey Loft

Hopefully Mark Farina will find his way back to the PNW for next festival season (c’mooooon Shambhala!), but just in case that doesn’t happen, make sure you’re there to witness what is sure to be one of the best shows of the year. After all, how many times do you get to celebrate a 25 year anniversary?

What’s your favorite Mushroom Jazz album? Let us know in the comments below or sharing your thoughts on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. See you on the dance floor!