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Marble Productions Presents: Uniting Hearts Benefit Show

Seattle’s one and only Marble Productions is hosting Uniting Hearts on January 31st at Studio 7. Uniting Hearts is a benefit event in support of Luella Claire Hale, who was recently born and diagnosed with the rare Zellweger Syndrome. Luella is the daughter of Lacey Weaver and Rick Hale. Rick has been a supporter of the Northwest scene for years, as the owner of Slick Lasers. Here at Dance Music Northwest, we make it a priority to support our local EDM community and the amazing people behind it. With Marble being one of last remaining underground promoters in the Northwest, we commend them on this venture.

baby luella charity event marble productions

If your New Year’s resolution is to be more charitable, Uniting Hearts gives you the opportunity to do just that, while still enjoying live music and having a night on the town. The show features a slew of local favorites, including DJ Hyperfunk and Wheelz. Marble suggests a $15 donation for the cost of entry. If you’re not able to attend, you can also give to the cause here. Your donation helps with Baby Luella’s medical expenses. For more information on the benefit show, visit the Facebook event page.