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Malaa X Noizu Finally Release “Music Sounds Better With You”

If you have been following Malaa on Instagram lately, you may have noticed a track that fans and artists alike were waiting in anticipation for. He had dropped Music Sounds Better With You in December and February at shows and on his Instagram, but had yet to release it.

Both DJ Snake and Kaskade commented on the track on Malaas Instagram, DJ Snake, “disrespectful” and Kaskade said, “Ummm. This edit/mix is ridiculous. How do I get that?” We all had the same question as Kaskade, and now we can get it! Malaa X Noizu released Music Sounds Better With You a few days ago and it was worth the wait.

The track is a refreshing remix of an already great song. It starts with a fun, summer feeling, and then just gets dirty, and you want that drop to keep happening. The track has so many layers and hidden sounds through out it. The original track was released in the late 90’s, and Stardust seems to have been onto something back then. The sound was great then and now.

Check it out below and let us know what you think! Don’t forget to check out Malaa at Paradiso this summer!