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Magnifique is Just Around The Corner: How To Be Prepared

In our best Katy Perry voice, It's gonna be hot and then cold...

It’s finally here. The festival we have been waiting for is just around the corner and we want to close summer out strong! On September 17, we will all be reunited at The Gorge in George with the likes of Kaskade, Chromeo, Gramatik, Netsky, Duke Dumont, Mija, Giraffage, Branchez, and Northwest favorite Justin Hartinger. Many of you know what to expect from these Northwest staples, and a lot of you know what to expect from the Gorge. However, we thought you should understand a few basic differences before you head to the Gorge under prepared for this summer close out series.

First things first: The weather. During the day of the festival, there is expected to be a 30 degree swing in temperatures from day to night, with a high of 87 degrees to a low of 57 respectively. Basically, you might head into the Gorge with a t-shirt on during the day, and desperately need a sweater by the end of the evening. Now we certainly encourage you to support your local clothing companies and vendors at the gorge and buy some of their gear, but if you’re interested in saving a little dough, it’d be a good idea to bring your own.

The environment out there is also wildly unpredictable. It’s the “wait 5 minutes” type of weather where you can be having a beautiful day and it can switch on you in an instant. We highly recommend you come prepared for adverse weather options (pocket ponchos have been a life saver for us in the past).

Bring that same savvy that you have been bringing to all the other festivals you have gone to this summer when it comes to staying hydrated. It’s easy to let it go, since it’s not going to be as hot as Paradiso has been in the past, but dehydration can occur just as easily, so remember to drink plenty of water. Also, if you want to stay warmer at night, eating helps. Especially some spicy foods. To that end, we’re going to encourage you to do one thing: SMUGGLE SOME HOT SAUCE IN! It tastes way better than vodka and will actually keep you warmer than alcohol will. Cholula or Tapatio are our go-to hot sauces.

As one of the few (if not only) member of DMNW that was at The Gorge back in 2011 for the Identity festival, I can personally tell you that seeing Kaskade at that venue is nothing short of religious. Kaskade has even said that it his favorite he has ever performed at, so you know we’re all in for a treat. If you haven’t bought tickets yet, follow this link and you’ll be on your way to the best way to close out summer. If transportation is an issue, there is a shuttle service heading to the Gorge from Seattle and back again after the show. Follow this link here if that is something that you want to do.

We can’t wait to see all of you at the Gorge one last time before summer is gone!