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‘Lowly Palace’ Focuses on Underground Talent with Weekly Releases

In the music world today, there are several opportunities for artists to share and distribute their tracks, which pioneers the way for new labels and artists to develop in the industry. Lowly Palace Records, based out of Los Angeles, is a label that seeks to find underground artists and tracks. The label has weekly releases to continually exhibit new and undiscovered talent.

Founded in early 2016, Lowly Palace strives to differ from traditional beliefs and values in the music industry. The record label’s focus is to develop underground artists into recognized acts. Through the process of releasing weekly tracks, Lowly Palace places emphasis on art and branding. Each song, with careful attention, develops to the artists technical style and emotional connection. The final goal with each track is to create an underground world throughout each release, encourage positive progression in the music industry, and develop artists’ careers and jobs out of hobbies.

Lowly Palace is another label with pioneering weekly releases under a “copyright free” model. This allows their tracks to be free for use, as long as the user gives credit to the track. According to the label’s website it states:

“All music featured on Lowly Palace is free to use on YouTube & SoundCloud with respect to crediting the artist(s) and including the correct streaming / purchase URL for the song in the description.”

The label often features artists that range from trap to future. The most recent releases from Lowly Palace include tracks from Synchronice and JayKode.

Synchronice’s first Lowly Palace weekly release hit over one million plays within its first week. Their latest release, Illusion, is a stunning follow up to that. The song has an overall sense of equanimity with an enchanting blend of trap drums, melodic piano chords, and swirling synths. The piano solo in the middle of track gives a nice acoustic touch, along with the electronic, future style. Add in harmonious, catchy lyrics and you have a track that encompasses an atmospheric sound.

The second release of the week, JayKode’s Know Better featuring Mister Blonde, has a diverse mix of trap elements to create an uplifting future track. JayKode is recognizable for his remixes of popular artists including The Chainsmokers, Beyonce, and Galantis. Know Better has a momentous trap drum-line that moves the drop forward, along with mellifluous synths and alluring piano chords that resonate with that pretty future bass sound. The lyrics by Mister Blonde add an engaging element that compliments the techniques within the song.

Which release of the week was your favorite? Do you know of any other new releases that are repeatedly looping your playlists this week? Share your responses with us in the comments below!