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Local Spotlight: Glam Up Your Festival Style With Sara Koethe

In our eyes, it’s never too early to start planning for this summer’s festival season. It all starts with ticket purchases. Then, saving, planning out travel time, and picking outfits or themes. We here at DMNW love finding new ways to step up our festival style. It’s honestly never too soon to begin preparing! That will make your festival trip go that much more smoothly. This week, our local spotlight features freelance make-up artist Sara Koethe.

We first found Sara Koethe on the Paradiso Kandi Kid (PKK) Facebook group. This group allows Paradiso and electronic music enthusiasts to come together to share kandi designs, festival styles, music, and festivals. Sara Koethe is a 20 year old freelance make-up artist in Portland, OR. We had the opportunity to chat with her about her growth as a make-up artist, as well as how that passion transitioned into her festival style. She has included several pictures and tutorials of her style on PKK, along with her page Makeup by Sara.

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