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Laserface Seattle raises the bar on stage production in the PNW

Photo Credit: Rukes

Brought to us by Gareth Emery, the incomparable Laserface experience highlighted what was an undoubtedly ethereal night in Seattle. On Saturday night, WaMu became immersed into a trance oasis, filled with amazing music and jaw-dropping lasers that did not disappoint. Making a memorable return to one of his favorite cities, Gareth brought audiences into a whole new realm of mind-melting production on a grand scale.

There was no doubt Laserface Seattle definitely had steep expectations to live up to. Adding to the mind-blowing production, the supporting artists came by way of well respected DJ’s in their own right; Ashley Walbridge, Craig Connelly, and live vocal performances by the one and only Emma Hewitt.

Gareth Emery took fans on a journey through beloved crowd favorites, euphoric mixes, and plenty of the uplifting melodies he is known for producing, with an experience that featured the best of his new album and older classic and iconic tracks. Every track also featured multicolored and uniquely orchestrated laser shows created by Anthony Garcia, also known by his alias, Nicelasers.

Photo by Kiah Beehler

With staple tracks such as the classic instrumental Arrival gripping the hearts of the long time fans, other songs with insane vocal favorites U and Saving Light featuring Haliene played near the beginning of the set, immediately sparking crowd responses and lyric-belting moments.

Creating his show to be focused solely on the combination of melodic trance and lasers marrying in perfect unison, Gareth managed to showcase this in all its beauty. Call To Arms and Dimibo’s new mix of Gareth’s Sanctuary were pulse-pounding remixes, and also extremely memorable.

Most importantly, Gareth Emery fans are honestly some of the luckiest in the world, since they get to enjoy to the best melodic music imaginable. Emery took Seattle on a magical journey that truly demonstrated how ingenious shows can really be.

What were your favorite moments of Gareth’s set? Let us know in our comments on Facebook, and Twitter!

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