Las Vegas Will Soon Be Home To The Most Technologically Advanced Music Venue

The MSG Sphere is the most innovative venue of the last century. Slated to open in 2021, The MSG Sphere is quickly coming to life. Construction began last September at the Venetian Hotel and Casino Resort on the Las Vegas Strip.

The project is a partnership between NYC’s Madison Square Garden Company and The owners of the Venetian, The Las Vegas Sands. What is so revolutionary about this new venue located in the desert? The production appears like something out of a science fiction movie.

A dome construction will feature hundreds of LED Panels across the ceiling. The sound design and production of the MSG Sphere is a state-of-the-art idea. Attendees will experience sound vibrations from both the walls and the floor.

The sound system is quite an ambitious project. They have planned haptic flooring systems which essentially recreate bass vibrations to people that stand on the floor. According to Madison Square Garden’s David Dibble, “the lowest bass response, instead of being transmitted through the air, is literally transmitted through the floor, directly into your feet or onto the chair in which you sit.”

The New MSG Sphere at the Venetian will cater to the resident DJ scene all throughout Las Vegas. The function may be geared towards the nightclub scene, but they will be operating for touring concert performances too. The MSG Sphere plans to be able to hold up to 18,000 people. 

The Rolling Stone reports that the venue is also capable of massive gaming events. The MSG Sphere will force their competition to upgrade their production technology. This is going to change how everyone thinks about sound and visual design.

With three short years until the monumental MSG Sphere’s grand opening we can’t stop thinking about out what performers like Above & Beyond, Bassnectar, Excision or Kaskade could do with a venue of these specifications. The future is bright.

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