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KSHMR Responds to Allegations of Ripping Off DOOM Samples

In a now-deleted tweet, prolific DOOm composer Mick Gordon accused KSHMR of ripping off samples from the soundtrack in his Sounds of KSHMR vol. 3 sample pack on Splice. He had initially posted a video playing the samples from the pack and the original samples side-by-side, showing that the samples were just barely different. Both Splice and KSHMR have responded to Gordon, including a video statement from KSHMR that was posted to twitter.

KSHMR claims that in his attempt to recreate the sounds of DOOM, he accidentally recreated the sounds too closely. Although both parties have apparently agreed to move the conversation into a more private sphere following the video apology, some fans and producers are still up in arms about the situation.

Many producers are concerned about the possibility of copyright infringement at the hands of unsuspecting producers who bought the pack, but haven’t followed the related issues. Feed Me has also chimed in, expressing concerns about artistic integrity in the dance music scene.

Splice has now removed the pack from the site, ensuring that no one else will be able to purchase it. We currently don’t have any follow-up from KSHMR or Gordon, so we can’t quite be sure how the two artists resolved the issue, but it doesn’t seem like Gordon will take any legal action.

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