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Knife Party’s Rob Swire Suffers Temporary Hearing Loss

Through a series of tweets that the DJ shared over the past couple days, the world learned that Rob Swire of Knife Party recently lost his hearing in one ear. On July 5th he revealed that he had “randomly become completely deaf in the left ear” and follow up tweets claimed that it was caused by e-cigs or vaporizers. Swire, once a consumer of the convenient battery-powered cigarettes, has now come out as an avid opponent of the products, specifically the propylene glycol found in the juice.

His tweets claim that propylene glycol can have adverse effects on things like hearing, although the exactness of these claims is difficult to pinpoint. Little research has been done on long-term effects of electronic cigarettes, so this is all to be taken with a grain of salt. He warns other users of the products to stay away from them if they value their ability to hear. Swire’s tweets have received a lot of response ranging from fans who say they have had similar experiences to others who show hostile defensiveness at the DJ’s claims, citing the lack of research.

Not much research has been done on the long term consequences of vaping due to the practice’s relative newness in the market, but at least half of Knife Party has some strong opinions about the effects on hearing. For the vapers out there, will you listen to Swire’s advice or will you continue to puff away?