We Can’t Get Enough of Kaskade’s ‘On Your Mind’

Kaskade has been full of new music lately, and with a lot of different sounds. Coming out with more of a poppy sound, to his classic Christmas music, new music just keeps coming. His newest track, On Your Mind, is the perfect mix of house and indie.

Kaskade has a way of being able to bring many genres together. Being a fan of indie, you can feel the emotion that many indie artists are able to capture in their music, and Kaskade’s vocals and producing brings it all together. It is the perfect blend. He is an artist that stays true to himself while forever reinventing and trying new things, and music lovers gravitate towards it.

Being fans of Kaskade, we might be biased, but this track has been on repeat all weekend. It brings together so many genres of house, indie, and many feelings. Let us know what you think of his new track on our Facebook and Twitter.