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Kaskade Releases Redux EP 002, and It’s Everything Fans Have Wanted

Kaskade released a Redux EP 002 on his on his label, Arkade, and as of September 1 it is available to stream and download. The seven-track EP has been in the making for three years and features a number of collaborations with Late Night Alumni, LOKII and Mr. Tape. The EP focuses on his redux sound and movement.

Kaskade is excited for his fans to have EP 002. He said, “It’s been three years since 001 came out, and judging from the vibe online around this release, they’re ready!” Since he posted the possibility of a EP 002, the internet has been buzzing. Kaskade has been in the business for a long time, but he still is always able to surprise us with evolving work that is true to himself.

You can get your copy here. Fans were also able to pre-order a white vinyl copy that will be released in a couple of weeks. Maybe with this release another redux tour stop will be announced for the Northwest in the near future. Here’s hoping!

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