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Kaskade & Deadmau5, The Funniest, Most Awkward Coffee Run Yet

“You got any money honey bunny,” Joel asks Ryan.
“I have American dollars, if they’ll take it,” replies Ryan, as they pull through a Canadian Wendy’s in Joel’s Ferrari.

Joel, aka Deadmau5, took Kaskade out the other day on one of his well-known “coffee runs”. If you are unfamiliar with his coffee outings, Joel has brought out Eric Prydz, Zedd, Pharrell, and Laidback Luke to name a few. He picks up his guest in his custom painted Ferrari, and then drives to a drive-through coffee shop of his choice; normally making his guests pay for the coffees! To someone who doesn’t know Joel’s humor very well, it may come across as extremely rude, but after following him for quite some time now, we find it pretty hilarious, especially when he makes Kaskade pay with American money in Canada.

After an awkward 20 or so minute drive, Joel pull’s up to a Canadian Wendy’s and orders a large coffee, while Ryan orders a small hot cocoa. As they pull around, Joel pop’s the question. “Sooo…you got money honey bunny”? From what we understand, Deadmau5 makes most of his guests pay for their coffee run. It’s small change for artists like Ryan and Joel, so we all got an extra laugh when Joel said he was going to keep the change (one Canadian dollar)! We want you to watch the awkwardly funny video for yourself though, there are so many more mini stories we’re leaving for you to discover. Find out what your favorite artists do in their spare time!