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Justin Jay Blew Us Away at Portland’s 45 East

Justin Jay recently came to Portland on his album tour, Home. With enthusiasm for life that is contagious, and new music to play, we knew we were in for a good night. We had seen Justin Jay prior to this tour, and his energetic personality filled the room.  But something was different about him this night, there was a sense of a new beginning.

Prior to this tour Justin had taken some time off from touring, fired his tour manager(and friend), and moved back home with his parents. Here he was able to focus on new music. He not only created a different sound for himself, but provided original lyrics that he sang.

Before his show we had heard a number of his new tracks and were excited for what he had produced. He seemed proud of his new music, and where he was in his life. His show was at 45 East, a venue that we have become pretty familiar with. Security is respectful, sound is good, and visuals seem to be getting better every time we go. The night started off with local talent Drexler and Jason Burns. With a Dirtybird feel, the night was starting off right.

The curly haired, deep house DJ hit the stage and the crowd was ready for a night of dancing. The first part of his set was what we were expecting, deep house that Claude VonStroke would be proud of. He is the youngest member of the Dirtybird family, but has talent that is beyond his years. The second part of his set was what we were waiting for, he played a number of his new tracks and we loved it. There was not a body standing still in the venue. If you have not yet listened to his new music, you must check it out.

As the night ended and the lights went on, Justin Jay went out to the audience for pictures and to meet his fans. Even his interactions with fans were amazing. He asked everyone that wanted a picture their name, and wanted to know about them. This is not something you see everyday. Justin Jay blew us away with his love for his music and his fans.