With ‘Gloria’ Justin Hartinger Explores the Most Timeless Musical Motif: Simplicity

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Anyone who plays electric guitar remembers the first song the ever learned. Simple songs with a simple repeating pattern to vamp over. Green Day’s Brain Stew. Deep Purple’s Smoke on the Water. Van Morrison’s Gloria. These songs aren’t timeless because they’re simple. Their simplicity and accessibility makes them timeless. The lack of fuss allows the deepest part of an artist’s unique viewpoint to emerge in its most primordial form. Such it is with Justin Hartinger’s new track Gloria.

Anyone familiar with Hartinger knows his music: atmospheric, glitchy, crunchy, wide. These qualities are fully on display in Gloria, with very little distraction. The result is a track that gives plenty to its listeners without asking for much in return. Gloria is beautiful, approachable, and because of its nature, eminently repeatable. The usual level of quality, jittery sound design we’ve come to expect from Justin is present, and given lots of room to breathe over the track’s modest progression.

The track is another winner from Justin Hartiner, and we’d also be remiss not to quickly mention the track’s yowza artwork, created by the immensely talented Chadwick. Gloria is available for free download via Justin’s Soundcloud for 7 days. After one week Gloria will only be downloadable on iTunes, Spotify, and Beatport.

Enter to win the ‘Gloria’ meme contest for a free Magnifique ticket!