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Justin Hartinger Releases ‘Fetch’ and ‘Religion’ with Qreepz & DJ Sharps

This week we are pleased to bring to your attention to three Northwest DJ/Producers! Justin Hartinger, a solo act, holds residency at renowned Seattle nightclubs such as Aston Manor and Q Nightclub. Winson Sharps, a.k.a. Sharps, also has residency at Aston Manor and was formally part of Instant Party. Deciding to follow his own sound, Sharps separated from his former group. Qreepz, a producer/DJ/rapper, recently released his album Seance.

First — brand new and freshly released today, Justin Hartinger and Qreepz’s track, Fetch. Extremely unique in design, it’s hard to place a finger on the song’s genre influences. A classic trap horn and bass kick lay the foundation for Fetch, leading into a breakstep-like chorus with glitchy lyrics and just a dash of many other elements. The whole feel of the track is delightfully dark and ominous, but you’ll have to check it out for yourself.

Why stop there? Why just give you one new track to start your week off right, when we can give you two? Justin and Sharps have dedicated many hours to improving their respective trap sounds, eventually leading them to each other for the hard-hitting, crowd moving trap collaboration, Religion. Nightmarish cathedral bells ring on in the distance, adding to the suspense of the drop. Wait, whats happening? Yes, Religion’s beat has fully enveloped you, and now you’re bobbing your head, lost in an entrancing bliss.

What do you think of these two new tracks? Tell us below! Don’t miss Justin Hartinger go B2B with Qreepz this Wednesday on Elevation Radio!