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French Duo Justice Returns With New Album “Woman Worldwide”

On the heels of their Woman Worldwide tour, French house duo Justice has released their third studio album by the same name. This is an album that they’ve always dreamt of creating, blending genres of 70’s progressive rock, disco, heavy metal, hip-hop, and electronica.

Woman Worldwide is more than just one thing, it’s a multi-layered album that’s meant to be listened to as a whole rather than by piece-meal. It represents Justice to their core and provides a little something for everyone to enjoy.

Preparing for the Woman Worldwide tour was as much a feat of dedication as was their creation of the album. Justice rehearsed for over six months before embarking on their tour, ensuring that their tracklist, visuals, and set design were all a perfect representation of their album. This shows the duo’s meticulous nature; they approach music on a deep level, seeking to ensure that everything is 100% perfect before unleashing it on the world.

Justice doesn’t just make music: they create an immersive experience on stage that propels their exclusively diverse sounds to the forefront of people’s consciousness. While slightly overshadowed by another popular French duo (aka Daft Punk), Justice has never wavered in their pursuit of a pure sound not constrained by genre or technique. This has catapulted them to super-stardom status, granting them access to festivals all over the world where they have showcased the album that could be argued as their magnum opus, the album to define their entire career up to this point.