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JoMoX Unveils Highly-Anticipated ‘Alpha Base’ Drum Synthesizer

JoMoX is well known in the modern music industry for their unique, envelope-pushing analog synthesizers. The warm analog sounds of their praised MBase11, XBase 09/999, and M.Brane 11 can be found on countless famous records. JoMoX is no newcomer to drum synthesizers; their XBase 09/999, for instance, reproduces the classic sound of a Roland TR-909 and does so impressively well.

Prior to Superbooth 2017 in Berlin, little was known about their highly anticipated drum machine, Alpha Base. This amazing compact instrument combines their awesome M.Brane, effects, analog circuitry, a sampler, FM synthesizer, sequencer, and a variety of other capabilities to form what we think might be the best drum synthesizer to come along in several years. While at a glance the Alpha Base may remind you of the classic 707/808/909 aesthetic, it has a hearty infusion of modernity’s advancements in technology, instruments, and synthesizers. It also sounds and looks at home amongst other JoMoX tools, with its familiar, satisfyingly minimal, and quirky design. Is it going to go down in history one of the best drum synths of this decade? We’re not certain yet, but the Alpha Base will set the precedent for multipurpose electronic instruments that combine analog and digital sounds, as well as capabilities.

Unless you own numerous drum machines, it can be difficult using one instrument as your main rhythm section. JoMoX has obviously considered this frustrating and expensive shortcoming of drum synths in the creation of their newest product. It establishes itself as a musical engineering milestone; one of the few comprehensive all-in-one analog percussion instruments in this field.  And it offers a lot more than just great sounds. You can use it as a sampler, sequencer, controller, instrument, and so much more!

In this recent video from BPB at Superbooth 2017, Jürgen Michaelis from JoMoX shows us the impressive versatility of this device. He begins by demoing a variety of styles and patterns, ranging from classic house loops to spectacular glitches. By the end, he’s making whole tracks. If it is not clear already, the Alpha Base serves as much more than a drum machine; it’s a powerful compositional tool. It has unique and astounding sonic capabilities and characteristics, leaving little to be desired. This video excellently highlights the grand versatility of this impactful instrument.

cred: Gearslutz/JoMoX

And if you’re looking to fester your gear-envy even more, Sonicstate has also provided some Alpha Base coverage on their YouTube account. Again, the impressive sound quality of this instrument is highlighted. Alpha Base will undoubtedly become a part of many future projects and the arsenal of musicians worldwide. Also, with the price of a Roland TR-808 hovering around 5000 dollars on eBay these days, it’ll definitely be worthwhile to pick this beautiful unit up at the reasonable anticipated price of 1699 €!

What do you think of the Alpha Base? What new gear from Superbooth and Musikmesse have piqued your interest? Let us know in the comments below!