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Johnny Monsoon Packs Portland’s Fez Ballroom (Event Review)

Johnny Monsoon Packs Portland Fez
Recently Portland was graced by one of Seattle’s own trance powerhouses Johnny Monsoon whom has gained much popularity over the years. The music was raging and we were dancing like nobody was watching.

Johnny Monsoon played to a sold out house on Saturday, January 18th at Portland’s Fez Ballroom for HOUSED Saturday. The new HOUSED Saturday events at Fez have been creating plenty of buzz surrounding Portland’s electronic scene and we can see why. At 10:15 PM the line to get inside was already around the block with eager attendees. By 11:00PM, Fez was at capacity with many still anxiously awaiting outside. Being that this was Johnny’s first time playing a set at Fez expectations were high but we knew that we were in store for one amazing night. Even Johnny himself made mention that

Playing at a venue for the first time is always exciting and walking up seeing the line down the block put a huge, huge smile on my face. We got inside and it was jam packed and everyone was havin a great time rockin out. I had the biggest smile on my face cuz I knew things were gonna get crazy!

Johnny Monsoon Packs Portland Fez

Patiently waiting to see Johnny Monsoon!

Inside the vibe was nothing short of pure energy. Local DJ Klyde Drexler got the crowd pumped with some high-powered house tunes and once the clock struck midnight Johnny hit the stage. It was an amazing set start to finish with the whole house on the dance floor, hands raised in the air, and plenty of smiles all around. Many of those that attended all agreed that it was hands down one of the best shows they’ve seen at Fez!

I had an absolute blast. The people rocked out to the very end of my set and that really meant a lot. Bottom line, the Portland club scene has really stepped up their game and I get excited every time I get to be a part of it!


What can we say, it was a crazy night for sure and we didn’t expect anything less! For a Portland club show it was hands down an incredible event. It was great to see a more diversified crowd that normally wouldn’t be seen on a normal night at Fez Ballroom. Plus, Fez has definitely put in the effort to create a better environment with a better sound system and lighting to enhance the overall electronic music experience. The production level is not typical of your normal electronic scene as Fez does not currently have the oh-so awe inspiring lasers or large screens, but we can indeed say visuals aren’t too shabby. This was certainly an event to be remembered and we can’t wait to have Johnny play in town again!


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