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Insomniac Announces PLAY Festival, a Haven for Music and Games

If you’ve ever dreamt about a festival that combines your love for gaming and dance music, Insomniac is about to make your dreams come true! Late last week, Insomniac announced plans for PLAY, an interactive festival where gaming and music collide.

As expected of Insomniac, plans include several realms with various interactive experiences available throughout the venue. Guests, or “players,” will not only be able to play their favorite games and compete against each other, but can also watch their favorite gamers compete, with live e-sports attractions. The best part? PLAY lets you experience all of this with your favorite hip hop and dance music artists providing the soundtrack.

For those who are less inclined to compete on screen, PLAY promises plenty of other activities. Players can play laser tag, explore virtual reality, race drones, or explore interactive art installations. Of course, Insomniac’s production quality will be one of the stars of the evening. You’re sure to have fun simply exploring the festival grounds, and will get to experience sets with incredible sound quality.

For now, Insomniac hasn’t released any further information. PLAY Festival’s dates, venue, and lineup are promised to come in 2019. We can’t wait to see what they have in store.

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