Illenium Announces 10 Unreleased Live Edits in 2018 Holiday Mix

Here comes Illenium with a Christmas gift for his fans. A surprise 30-minute mix featuring unreleased live edits has been distributed on Soundcloud and Youtube. Illenium’s birthday was celebrated on December 26. Therefore this timely release celebrates the seasonal holidays and his birthday.

Illenium’s new mix was released to the general public on December 27, 2018. Key songs include 2018 and 2017 live set introductions, Where’d U Go (Fort Minor X Illenium Mashup) and Lost, Disarm You, Chosen You (Illenium Trap Edit).
Now if you are interested in reading the entire tracklist Illenium has compiled it for viewing via Soundcloud description.

1. 2017 Intro (1:00-3:10)
2. 2018 Awake 1.0 Finale (3:10-4:59)
3. Lost, Disarm You, Chosen You (Illenium Trap Edit) (4:59-7:16)
4. Say It (Illenium VIP edit) (7:16-11:58)
5. Needed You/Silence (Illenium Edit) (11:58-14:01)
6. Angels & Air waves – The Adventure (Illenium Remix) (14:01-17:27)
7. Take You Down/Don’t Let Me Down (Illenium Edit) (17:27-19:20)
8. Crawl Outta Love Intro/VIP Edit (19:20-22:54)
9. Where’d U Go (Fort Minor X Illenium Mashup) (22:54-25:44)
10. Awake 2.0 Intro (Gold) (25:44-28:38)

The true purpose of this mix is a thank you letter from Illenium to his fans. It is not a normal concept for a producer to release live DJ edits to the public. Illenium shows how proud he is of his fans and friends by releasing this collection of songs for free.

What is your favorite song from Illenium’s 2018 Holiday mix? Which edit do you wish he would have released? Let us know what you think on Facebook or Twitter!