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The History of Electronic Music and How Classics Still Define Modern EDM

At DMNW, we love researching the various aspects of electronic music. It’s valuable to consider and discuss its history, and how the characteristics of electronic music evolved into today’s culture. While electronic music surrounds us in today’s mainstream, it’s important to examine how the classics shaped this movement.

Hints of electronica style music began developing since as early the 1960s and 70s, with electronic-based instruments dating back to even the late 1800s. So, what were those tracks that made electronic music progress into an expanding movement in the 90s and 2000s? Some classic electronic music tracks truly shaped the current mainstream. When considering modern trends, we should contemplate the viability of classics and how they’re still relatable in our scene. How did our mainstream movement of EDM develop and where do its roots begin? We take a look at those possibilities, while looking through the historical lens of electronic music.

Pioneers 70s-80s | 90s-2000s (Techno, Jungle/DnB, Trip-Hop) | 90s-2000s (Trance, Poptronica, Heavy Electro / Dubstep) | Classics That Are Still Important Today

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