Hippie Sabotage Is Coming to the NW, and People Have Strong Feelings

Hippie Sabotage was recently announced to play in Portland and Seattle, and we must say there has been quite the reaction. Portland made the announcement and within days there was a Facebook Event Page: Sabotage the fake hippies.

So why the uproar?

If you happened to go to What The Festival this last summer, you might remember the Hippie Sabotage set that got cut short. A fight broke out between security and Hippie Sabotage, and soon after a video surfaced. The video begins somewhere in the middle of the fight so you are unable to figure out who exactly started the fight. But, it does show one of the members of Hippie Sabotage holding a security guard in a choke hold. They were yelling profanity and threw a microphone into the pool at the festival. You can make your own decision.

Here is a video an attendee posted.

After the video was shared the comments and articles began.

People are still not happy about what happened, or how Hippie Sabotage handled themselves during or after the What The Festival. With the recent announcement many people have voiced their opinion. “LOL’s” or people posting the video have been put up throughout the event page (recently the creators of the event page deactivated the comment section).

There are still a lot of people interested in the event, so we can hope that this next show runs a little more smoothly. Will you be attending Hippie Sabotage in the PNW?