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Hipp-E, Subset, Pezzner, and Tokita are Swinging Through Monkey Loft This Saturday!

We are brimming with anticipation for this weekend, awaiting Hipp-E’s return to the stage and decks. Hipp-E is no stranger to the fusion of techno and house- he has over 25 years in the industry (working his ass off) before there was ever such a thing as “tech house.” You may also know Hipp-E from his role in H Foundation, where he and bandmate Brian Varga created intense emotional atmospheres, paving the way for the countless house and techno artists to come; their residency at Fabric and celebrated releases have undoubtedly emphasized their mark on the history of dance music.

Hipp-E has played a crucial role in the history of 4/4- he has an impressive number of classics across legendary house labels such as Anabatic, Doubledown, and Freerange and is known for his incredibly memorable and immersive DJ sets. He has performed around the world at clubs like Fabric London, Soma Glasgow, and Twilo New York.

Also providing musical entertainment for the night is Subset, Pezzner, and Tokita– three fantastic local DJs that have also made a considerable mark on the history of dance music.

Subset is making serious waves in Seattle and beyond with his diverse and tasteful appreciation of music and events, acting as the ringleader for the celebrated weekly at Q Nightclub: Field Trip. Field Trip has played host to a huge range of the best electronic music producers and DJs in the scene.

Hunt & Gather‘s founder Pezzner has an impressive catalog of releasing spanning across labels such as Dirtybird, Get Physical, Subtract Music, and on H&G of course. Pezzner has shared his minimal and evolving psychedelic compositions around the world in renown clubs like Fabric London, Space Ibiza, and the legendary Chicago Smartbar.

Tokita masterfully fuses elements of techno, house, breaks, ambient, and experimental music, both in his DJ sets and his compositions. He also boasts a large collection of releases across labels like Giom‘s Supremus Records, Viva Recordings, and Uniting Souls Music.

Stay tuned for an upcoming interview with Hipp-E, coming after the show this weekend!