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Headhunterz Set To Continue The Spread Of Hardstyle (Preview)

Until recently, Willem Rebergen (better known as Headhunterz) was by and large the most iconic name the mainstream had never heard of. It didn’t take long before we all learned why the talented Dutch producer is one of the founding fathers of modern hardstyle. Just inside of a year’s time, he’s wowed us at the Gorge, brought Seattle its first extended look of hardstyle at Foundation, and made his first ever appearance in Portland. Now he’s making his return this Thursday to Foundation Nightclub for a night sure to include plenty of shuffling, along with 150 bpms of intense fist-pumping glory.

If Portland’s look at Headhunterz last month was any indicator, Seattle’s in for a rarefied hardstyle spectacle. Just this last February, we saw a shocking quasi-retirement announcement from Willem where he expressed a desire to move into other genres of dance music. Despite this though, all reports from the road tell us that we’ll still be getting all the hard dance we can handle at least one last time (with a few surprises mixed in for good measure).

Hardstyle has rapidly begun to spread from its stadium-sized popularity in Europe to the United States, culminating in an explosion of popularity worldwide. Seattle is no exception to that growth, as a city always intent on embracing the underdog suddenly sees itself getting behind a genre that’s officially “arrived” in every sense of the word. Witness it for yourself at Foundation Nightclub this Thursday (April 11th), and we guarantee you won’t regret it.

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