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Halifax Central Library Hosting “Make Your Own Dance Music” Workshops for Kids

Do you ever wonder, “If I took up mixing at a younger age, could I be the next Martin Garrix right now?” Well the Halifax Central Library in Nova Scotia may be creating the next big star, or at least a group of children with a love of electronic dance music. Recently a class was held at the library to teach children ages five through 12 how to produce EDM.

The class was put on by a media librarian who has been making music for more than two decades. The library also provided the children with iPads and an editing software. Not only are the children able to create music with many layers, but they are able to learn about many different sounds of instruments. Not all children have access to saxophones, pianos, guitars and so forth, but with the help of technology they are able to hear such instruments.

The class was well received by attendees and parents. Children are already so technology driven, and this gives them more tools and talent. It provides them with a creative outlet that they can either share, or keep to themselves. We all of course think that music does amazing things, but now it is nice to see parents and children alike seeing the benefits of EDM.

How do you feel about bringing programs like this to children?