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GRiZ Proves Evil Will Fall With His Latest Release: Good Will Prevail

A Happy Funky weekend to all of you, and a perfect day for the release of GRiZ’s latest album, Good Will Prevail. Back in August GRiZ announced the coming of his 5th album, along with his single Cant Hold Me Down. With a few peaks here and there during live performances, we’ve anxiously have been waiting its arrival. We can finally say the wait is over, Good Will Prevail is here, and DAMN…it’s funky!

Good Will Prevail doesn’t stray too far from the GRiZ we’ve come to know and love. Keeping to his sax heavy, electro-funk style, we’re happy to say this album will please any fan. With a healthy mix of heavy hitters and sexy slow jams, there’s a track for everyone. A theme of “LOVE and RIGHTEOUSNESS” is certainly felt throughout the 13 track LP. With so much going on in the world today, this album is a welcomed reminder that there’s still LOTS of good in it as well.

The album features collaborations with Big Gigantic, Basstracks, ProCause, Cherub, and more. The strong instrumental intro to the album  with Wicked leading into Can’t Hold Me Down got us hyped for sure. My Friends and I is a killer combination of Hip Hop and Funk with a Dubstep twist. This track will undoubtedly become a hype track for plenty of dance crews, festival camps, and rave fams.

I Don’t Mind and Good Times Roll have that all too familiar GRiZ feel, and we’ll likely have them on repeat all year. Feelin’ Fine slows it down a bit with a heart felt, soul filled, funky jam. If you own a convertible then put the top back and drive off into the sunset with significant other listening to this one. PS GFY brings the tempo back up with a track that will quickly decipher the tracks title. What We’ve Become has a fun, bass house feel while If There Ever Comes a Day slows the album back down to a crowd hunger anthem. Rather Be Free ditches the sax for an electric guitar and brings on a little more bass and dubstep sound… we dig!

Photo: ATS Photography griz good will prevail

Photo: ATS Photography

As the album is coming to a close, Gotta Push On has plenty of motivational tones behind it that’ll turn any frown upside down. Before I Go helps pick us back up and prepares us to close them album out with Driftin’. Good Will Prevail is a solid joining of funk, dance, hip hop, and bass. It’s proof that not all “EDM” needs to fall into the standard “1-2-3-JUMP formula,” and live instruments have their place in it just as much as a MIDI controller.

Make no mistake, Grant takes plenty of pride leading the charge on positivity. Anyone who’s taken a peak at his social media can see the man oozes positivity. With a passion for music, his fans, and promoting good times, we hope more musicians (especially new ones) are able to follow suit. With 2 releases last year, Say it Loud and Chasing the Golden Hour: Part 1, as wel as a mountain of festival stops. It’s incredible to see the young musician still finding time to create a new album. GRiZ is on tour with PNW stops in Spokane, Seattle, Portland, Boise, and Salt Lake City. For those of you in Vancouver we sure to check him out at Blueprint 19 in just 2 weeks on October 8th.