The Glitch Mob

The Glitch Mob Releases Behind The Blade 2.0 Documentary

Have you ever seen The Glitch Mob live? If you have, you know all (maybe not all, that’s what the documentary is for) about The Blade 2.0 and their unique stage performances. The Glitch Mob created a documentary going on more in-depth about the stage and live experience that mesmerize their fans.

The Glitch Mob wanted fans to experience studio-quality sound in a live set, therefore the creation of The Blade 2.0. Using Dell and Alienware technology, the magic was created.

“We knew we wanted to perform our music in a more powerful way and the possibilities were out there. We wanted to work with people at the top of their craft so reached out to Dell and Alienware for the Blade 2.0,” said The Glitch Mob.

Want a behind the scenes look? Check out the full documentary below.

The Glitch Mob fall North American tour has started. You can get your tickets here. See The Blade 2.0 in action and experience the music in a new dimension.

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