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Ghastly Wants to Collaborate with Fans On Upcoming Track

The basshouse DJ reaches out to fans for help with his new single.

Have you ever dreamed about the chance to collaborate with your favorite artist? Well, if you’re a fan of Ghastly, then the opportunity has struck.

Ghastly has made his break into the EDM scene with his genre bending style of bass house. He was definitely one of the top acts in the Fractal Forest at Shambhala, and is known for the energy he brings to his performances. Ghastly’s social media presence also shows the value he puts in openness and building personal connections with fans. On September 15th, Ghastly made this Twitter announcement regarding his new single, “If Ur Listening“:

There were some humorous responses,

Jokes aside, we are excited to see the new talent that Ghastly will bring on his single. He elaborates on the project with more personal detail via an Instagram post. Also, the song “If Ur Listening” is already posted on SoundCloud with further directions to enter. Ghastly hopes to have a fan write the top line to his new single based on the released production of the song.

If you think you’ve got the voice and a perfect lyric to be featured on Ghastly’s new single, send in your examples before the deadline is up.