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Fox Stevenson Releases First Official Music Video With Assistance From Kickstarter

Fox Stevenson, who was formerly known as Stan SB, has become a multi-genre dance music artist who writes, sings, and produces. The genre bending producer originally started singing when he was 15 and has continued pursuing his career. 14 years later, Fox Stevenson’s first music video project has been fully funded by Kickstarter and has really helped him establish himself within the music industry.

Kickstarter is a global crowdfunding platform based in the United States. The company’s stated mission is to help bring creative projects to life.-Kickstarter

The release of All This Time is Fox Stevenson’s first official music video. With the initial goal of $20,000, Fox Stevenson was able to complete the entire video project from what was raised through the Kickstarter campaign. The video has currently reached 13,000 views and has only been out since September 16th. With his continued success, Fox Stevenson has also released a free download of his remix of This Year  to celebrate hitting 100,000 likes on Facebook. Take a look at music video for All This Time and let us know what you think of Fox Stevenson’s sound!