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Flume’s Unexpected Remix Of Arcade Fire

We love Flume. Let’s start out with where we stand. We had the pleasure of interviewing him last year at his Seattle show at Neumos and learned that he strives to make music unlike anything heard before. Within the following year, we saw proof of his creative talent through an explosive uprising of Flume’s signature and incredibly unique sound. Release after release, the Aussie producer continues to please his current fans, and the numbers of followers on his Soundcloud has steadily increased within the past two years.

Through touring across the world, collaborating with big-name producers, and selling out shows, Flume is hotter than fire right now and doesn’t look like he’s slowing down anytime soon. Flume  just released a new track on his Soundcloud where he remixes Arcade Fire’s Afterlife. As huge fans of both Flume and Arcade Fire, we expected this track to blow us away, but unfortunately (and surprisingly), it didn’t. According to Soundcloud and Facebook, a lot of fans were disappointed in the new track as well.

Anonymous Flume - Arcade Fire SoundCloud CommentsWe do agree that it is different, but to say it’s exceptional just doesn’t cut it for us. Flume is known for his extraordinarily catchy melodies and bumping bass lines. His tracks are interesting and keep us on our feet – they are free from musical monotony. Remember this one?

He may be branching out to new territory, but this song lacks coherence and drones on…for ten minutes. Win Butler’s (Arcade Fire lead) are out of tune with the harmonizing notes of the melody and are not shown the justice that the original song presents. Now, we are not saying this song is terrible, we are just a little disappointed in a mash-up of our two favorite artists. Some fans are impressed with the unconventional tune and attempt to prove that “daring to be different” can work wonders.

Anonymous Flume - Arcade Fire SoundCloud Comments - positiveHear it for yourself. We want to hear your opinion – do you love it? Or do you think Flume could have done things a little different?