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Festival Essentials: How to Pack the Perfect Festival Bag

Never leave home without these

We’ve heard rumors that there are people who can go to an outdoor festival with just their phone, keys, and wallet. We are not those people. With EDC, Paradiso, FVDED in the Park, and Bass Coast all in our rear-view mirror, one thing was clear: Being prepared with the right tools can really make or break your experience.

First off, the backpack itself is crucial for an outdoor festival. If you’re one of those who can get away with using your pockets, a fanny pack, or a running belt, we commend you. But if we’re going to be dancing for hours at a time in the blazing sun, we need hydration packs. Staying hydrated is so important at outdoor events, especially when temperatures are high and shade is sometimes hard to find.

Since not everyone is the totem type, we also advise using clear thread to sew some EL-wire onto the straps and back of your backpack. If you want to line the border of your bag and do a design in the middle, we recommend getting one that’s 9 feet long. The EL-wire makes finding your friends in the crowd so much easier, especially if you choose different colors and designs. The fast-flashing mode is clutch when you’ve gone rogue and your rave fam is trying to find you!

Depending on the festival and the weather in that area, your clothing needs may change as the day goes on. While shorts and a tank top may be ideal for early in the day, some festival locations get really cold at night, or even worse, rainy. To solve this festival problem we recommend that in addition to a water bladder in your backpack, you should roll up a pair of harem pants and a thin waterproof hoodie or long sleeve shirt.

Harem pants may not be the warmest, but they roll up small and get extra points for being comfortable as hell. As for the waterproof hoodie, it’s totally optional and may not be necessary depending on where you’re going. But if nothing else, maybe cram a long sleeved shirt in the bottom of your bag for the walk back to camp.

This one is for anyone who is either allergic to grass or likes little shorts and hates having weird asphalt/gravel marks on your booty. You need a golf towel, or at least a hand towel. We specify golf towels because they come with a clip on them so you can attach it easily to your bag when you’re not using it. Taking breaks is an important part of any marathon dance party, and making sure that you can sit comfortable for those breaks is absolutely key.

Ever get stuck taking a break by a fog machine but you’re too situated to move? Or get those nasty “speedway boogers” or otherwise dirty and dusty stuff all up in your face? We hate it. Best solution for this one? Either a bandana or a seamless mask. We love the seamless mask because for those of us that struggle with folding and tying a bandana that actually stays in place and looks cool, it’s already done for us. The best part is that since it’s the same amount of fabric all the way around, not only can it be a mask or a headband, but you can drench it in water and it can help cool your neck off if you don’t have a cooling towel (also rad!)

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