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Fest300 Wants To Help You Revel Around The World

For the dance music connoisseur, the festival is akin to a religious pilgrimage. There’s the preparation, the journey, and the event itself. Attendees devote themselves to the music and the experience; they choose to be lost in revelry with their fellow humans. This sensation of interconnectedness is what the head of Airbnb, Chip Conley, wishes to provide with his new web project, Fest300.

We look at diversity, and we look at which festivals out there capture the full range of human experience, from spirituality to arts and sports.

It’s basically what the name implies: a travel website dedicated to providing helpful, unique content for about 300 different festivals worldwide. From typical music expositions to almost unheard of events, Fest300 aims to allow ample opportunities for cultural appreciation. The site is still in the early stages, but for the English speaking reveler looking for advice on foreign festivals, the days of scouring for poorly translated information may soon be over.

The business also cooperates with other outside companies, such as Hipmunk and IMFCON, for booking and cross-promotional details. While a source of revenue for Fest300, the question remains as to whether or not these partnerships will cause the site to offer biased information in favor of generating sales.

But that’s a fear for any business, and regardless of the allure of advertising dollars, the premise of providing useful information is a promising one. Here at Dance Music Northwest, we’re excited about all festivals, domestic and foreign, and hope that you are too. Let us know is the comments, Facebook, or Twitter about any crazy events you’ll be attending this season!