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Local Artists Everettz & Jakzon Collab on Heavy New Single “FTM”

We all know by now that the PNW is an EDM central. From house to bass to trance, there are dance music artists of each and every kind coming out from the PNW. Portland-based producer Everettz and Boise’s Jackzon are up and coming bass artists. The two teamed up to deliver an intense bass and dubstep piece FTM.

Fun fact about the PNW artist, Everettz loves the outdoors just like a true PNW local. He is now a resident of the Nova Lotus Music label. You can catch Everettz at Das Energi Festival this year from August 18-19 in Salt Lake City. The DJs released the track through Nova Lotus Music which is an EDM record label based out of Salt Lake City. Brace yourself for four minutes of heavy dubstep.

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