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Eventbrite Tells Us Everything We Need to Know About Music Venues

Eventbrite is a ticket purchasing agency who also aids in event management by promoting events on social media. Recently, Eventbrite teamed up with a media analytic company, Mashworks, to see what people would discuss when attending events. They analyzed around 12.5 million posts on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and forums from around 600 different music venues. The demographic that has taken the bulk of social posts came from the millennial generation, or people between the ages of 18-34. It’s no surprise that the millennial generation has provided the bulk of those posts because they are the most tech savvy generation currently.

In the study, they gave stats on everything from the most popular venues (which happen to be EDM venues), to what is most popular in terms of discussions around venues, and even a detailed list of things venues can do to create a “buzz” . As of right now, the most important topic regarding venue discussion is the music or artist(s). But it does point out that some more “simplistic” values exist.


This isn’t the first time that statistics like these have been used to take the culture’s temperature on what people value . But what is interesting about this study is the way they gathered the information. What does it say about our culture in general when these personal insights of ours are so readily available to these big corporations? What shocked you most about this information?