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Ensure Your Head-Banging Future With Our Bass Academy Survival Kit

Back To School Shopping!

Now that we’re recovered from a memorable Lucky 2017, it’s time to gear up for Bass Academy. Literally. We’re now days away from returning to the Tacoma Dome to enter the Paradox. If you’re not ready, both physically and mentally, well, good luck getting through the night unscathed! Here are some “school” supplies to help ensure your safety, and well-being, as we go prepare to go back to bass class.



You’re going to sweat at Bass Academy. A lot. And if you’re not properly hydrated, your night might come crashing to an end even before Excision‘s closing set. Avoid potential disaster by hydrating NOW. Clear, empty plastic water bottles and hydrapaks ARE allowed Saturday, so it wouldn’t hurt to bring one of the two to help stay replenished.



Haven’t been to an Excision show? Just look up his track Neck Brace. That’s what you can expect. You’ll start happy and healthy. You’ll leave face melted and in a neck brace…and probably happy! While there isn’t anything to prevent your face from falling off, a neck brace would help bring stability and comfort to one of the more important parts of your body. Ensure your head banging future by snagging one!



A little something to help soothe your soon to-be aching body and head. Just watch the doses and, whatever you do, don’t mix with alcohol!



Bass Academy is going to be LOUD. 150,000 watts of powerful, unforgiving, PK Sound will rattle you to the core, melt your face and do a number on your hearing. As mentioned earlier, we can’t help you much when it comes to a melted face. But hearing protection? Helloooooo ear plugs! Don’t know a thing about them and the many shapes, and forms, they come in? We got you covered! You can still enjoy the music and power with hearing protection; it’s been tried and tested.

Bass fam, what else should be added to the list? Let’s help each other out! Drop suggestions in the comments section below.